We Got Married!

As most of you know, Brad and I got married just over a week ago. And for those of you who know us well, you probably just sighed a little and said ‘finally’ under your breath as you start to scroll through these pictures.

It’s true… Brad and I have been together for 6 years, engaged for 3 (two times total) and have been off-and-on planning a wedding for the last several years. I’ve got the Pinterest boards to prove it. He’s my best friend (for life) and I can’t imagine spending every day now, then, or yet-to-come with anyone else. Two weeks into September we decided we would get married… in September… in two weeks. We plunged into the various details – rings, courthouse, judge, telling family, etc., and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. A little birdie (my mom) always told us we would end up doing it this way – that it was only a matter of time. And that we should, too!

We knew life wouldn’t change much after we were married, we already lived together and act as though we’re married, but that didn’t stop any of those wedding-day jitters from coming. We set things up for September 27, 2013 at a courthouse in Boulder with a judge I picked out simply because both our last names are Polish. We notified family and friends, and gently let them know that no one was invited, and to not be offended. We plan on celebrating with family and friends in May of 2014. A friend of ours, Anne, happens to be an AWESOME photographer who lives in Breckenridge. There were three things I HAD TO HAVE on this day no matter how big or small the event was: a photographer, cake, and a cake topper. Everything else I could have gone without and been just as happy. Being a photographer myself, I couldn’t imagine not having this day documented. Also, growing up around mounds of photo albums, I can’t imagine not having a wedding album for our future kids to flip through on rainy days.

Everything fell into place, but not without a few kinks. Brad’s ring wouldn’t be in on time, my Toms had quite the defect, and, oh yeah, it was 45 degrees and raining. And I STILL wouldn’t change a thing about it. I started the day by seeing Brad off to work (yes, he worked on our wedding day… I encouraged it… gave me girl time to get ready at home). 🙂 I headed off to get my hair and makeup done because, let’s face it, I deserve to be pampered no matter how few guests will be in attendance. That, and I have no idea how to fix either.

Brad picked up my bouquet while I ran a few top-secret errands (I had been planning a surprise during the two weeks of actual planning… you’ll see!) and we met back at home. Anne showed up and the shenanigans began. We decided not to see each other until we were entirely ready – and hadn’t seen each other since he had left for work. It worked out and the tiny little ‘first look’ shoot in our apartment was perfect. READY!? Here we goooooooo!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT take these photos. I am not THAT good, people. Annie Fedrigo  did. And she’s amazing, and kind, and local Colorado, and funny, and easy going, and on and on and on. I would have vomited (yes, really) had it been anyone but her. It helps that I know her so she could help sort out my stuff for me throughout the day. Phew. SOOOO grateful for this girl and all she did for us on our day. I did edit the photos, though! 🙂 



Tying a tie is challenging. Thank goodness for Youtube!


Who needs a belt when you can wear a scarf? Especially when it comes in so handy later…





I have never been so nervous or giddy in my entire life. The suspense of this moment is enough to knock you off your feet. I can’t imagine doing it with 100+ guests waiting in anticipation and a heavy wedding dress. Kudos to you brides!



We both cried. And see that little dog head in the background? Follows us everywhere we go and HAS to be in the same place as us, so we decided to leave her in the pictures… it’s pretty accurate.



I mustache you a question….




Can’t crop this photo… check out the judges arm on the right… fist pumps all around!





And now for my surprise I’d been planning all along! First the invitation…





And off to the picnic! Complete with sentimental quilt, vintage picnic basket, the most delicious cake ever, champagne, mustache glass clingies and the…. drumroll please…. cake topper!

Oh, and 45 degree rain. YAY!






We had to switch forks because I picked off a bite with TONS of icing first and wanted to eat that one, so we swapped forks… isn’t he sweet?

{Photographers note: I wouldn’t edit out these raindrops for anything. I would bring extra sweaters next time, but the rain was part of the memory. It was absolutely freezing, but we’re playing it off well like it isn’t, right? I want to always remember that we had a picnic in the freezing rain. It’s what made the day perfectly imperfect. Sometimes you have to leave those imperfections as they make the photo… and more importantly, the memory.} 


I’m not ashamed. This is ‘typical Casey’. YUM!


Thanks, Anne, for encouraging us to just have the picnic outside instead of under the pavilion. It made the moment!






And the cake topper I mentioned before? Check this out. On the left, teary-eyed first-look moment. On the right, handmade lookalike cake topper by the phenomenal Alissa. She’s made a few others you can check out here. Thanks to EVERYONE who supported us and helped make this day happen! We followed up our ‘reception’ (voted Best.Reception.Ever by Anne) with enormous amounts of sushi – the perfect Sushi Friday!

Cake Topper Couple


Longmont, CO

photography |  Annie Fedrigo

hair & makeup  |  Studio Boom

flowers  |  Longmont Florists Inc

cake  |   Romana Cake House

cake topper  |  Alissa Seele (Johnson)


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