1. Kelly says:

    WOW!!! AWESOME!!!! 🙂
    Just like that time-“I LIKE CAKE” when we worked together back then-I know I still LOVE CAKE TOO!!! LOL 😉
    Truly an amazing day/event from the pics! 🙂
    Best wishes again!!!

  2. Uncle Dan says:

    Brad and Casey,
    I am very happy for you both. Life is short enough, and it is obvious you really enjoy each other’s happiness (and I am sure you share the occasional unhappiness too). So, as a supportive family member; and a seasoned husband; and a person who appreciates long term relationships , …… I wish you all the best that life can offer! Congratulations on your marriage and please continue to enjoy each other’s love.
    Uncle Dan

  3. Joyce Rucinski says:

    Perfect!! Congratulations Casey & Brad!!

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