Even though this year marks my 9th year in business (14th if we're counting those unofficial first few years, wink), nothing has made me appreciate photos more than these last few years. Between bringing these two beautiful (and polar opposite) little people into the world and COVID, there's little else I value more than photos and videos of family and friends. 

I'm an Indianapolis family photographer with a passion for lifestyle photography. I love the real, the messy, and all of the chaos that falls in between. Family sessions with me might leave you barefoot, grass stained, and with dirt on your knees, but you'll leave with a belly filled with  laughter, cheeks covered in kisses, and and a heart filled the the brim. And that's before you even see your gallery. 

I'm Casey

hello there!

In the power of play. And you're never too old to experience it.

I believe

Laughter is the best medicine and ocean air will heal all.

I believe

it's all in the details. 
Dimpled knuckles, toothless smiles, and lovies.

I believe

These are the good days
And they
deserve to be

I believe

Here's all the fun stuff you probably really want to know:
• I'm right handed, but left footed
• I'm not (and never have been) a coffee drinker
• I've lived on both coasts (east & west)
• Every tooth in my mouth is a sweet one
• Cardigans are my guilty pleasure 
• If I could have one super power it would be to turn into a duck whenever I wanted
• I used to work on a ranch in Colorado
• I cannot wait to meet you!

If you're continuing on from above then you'll know this year marks my 9th year in business (depending on who's counting), but I haven't always been here in Indy. I've been an Indianapolis photographer for 8 years now after living out west for a while, and still moonlight as a Michigan photographer now and again, too. I was drawn to photography from the disposable camera days (are those even a thing anymore?) and was hooked after being gifted my first camera when I was 8. 



on a beach or at Beavertail

4. Right now I'd like to be...

jellyfish... and sharks, but I'm not much of a fan of meatballs, either

3. I'm afraid of

I sometimes eat popcorn with a spoon (hey, I'm editing)

2. a Fun(ny) fact about me

Rhode Island

1. I was born in…

8. My hidden talent is:

fitting even more dishes in an already full dishwasher


7. NUmber of States I have lived in:


6. My favorite food in the world is

Anywhere tropical or beachside. I'm not picky. Let's just go!

5. My dream destination is...


the quiz

HEY you,
let's go out and play!

casey and her camera is an Indianapolis family photographer specializing in family and lifestyle photography for Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding areas.