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Recently I mentioned a crazy-frantic-probably-illegal-car-ride in my family post…well, here is the result of that ride. 🙂 You see, I had gone off to an engagement shoot earlier in the evening of Simon’s prom. I had every intention of snapping a few photos before he headed off to dinner with the group, but my e-shoot got moved up by a few hours so we could get into the canoe livery before it closed for the evening. 😉

When I returned home and sat down to dinner with my family, I asked to see a photo of him to check out how he looked before taking off… prom is a big deal, you know?! Especially if it’s your senior prom… and your only prom! That’s a photo you will want when you’re 45! Everyone at the table just sort of looked at each other and mumbled individually that they didn’t have one. Brad jumped for his phone thinking he had one, but it was of the ‘early stages’ of getting ready… i.e. tux pants and a white t-shirt. NOT sufficient.

So, after debating the issue for 20 minutes, Jordan shot Simon a text and then a frantic frenzy began. All the parents had taken photos prior to dinner and the group was all jumping into their cars to head off to Prom. Simon said he was leaving, but that he would hold out if we REALLY needed a photo. With a couple people screaming for me to grab my camera, Mom grabbing her purse, and a couple of people (including my sock-clad husband who was begrudgingly forced into the car) we sped off… through 3 or 4 stop signs, if I might admit. I’ve never seen my conservative mom drive like such a race car driver before. I feared for my life while Jordan screamed in the backseat.

Just kidding, guys. Well, … not about the stop signs, but we were totally safe otherwise. Promise. They were only in my folk’s neighborhood, anyway. 😉 They’re more of like stop GUIDELINES. So, with a little blue Scion full of my crazy family, we sped the four miles away, passing all the prom-goers on our way until we pulled up at the house where three sets of parents (THAT’S 6 ADULTS TOTAL) were standing outside, presumably worried about the safety of these two, as we squealed into the driveway. I shushed everyone in the car as I got out to talk to Simon and his date.

Most embarrassing photographer moment to date. I’m sure those parents thought I was a looney tune.

So we hopped into cars and popped down the road a few streets over to get a few shots before they headed off to prom. Luckily, Simon’s date knows Jordan, so she only thinks we’re a little crazy and not off-the-charts-crazy. Either way, I’m glad we went, laughed so much my sides hurt, and now have these pictures to show Simon when he’s 45. 😉

Indianapolis Family PhotographerIndianapolis Family PhotographerIndianapolis Family PhotographerIndianapolis Family PhotographerIndianapolis Family PhotographerIndianapolis Family PhotographerIndianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera


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