Falls Park, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Now that school is out for the summer, I’m on my way to Montana to spend some time with my fiance. 🙂 I’ve made it to my halfway point…. Sioux Falls, SD. Despite driving all day long and being exhausted, I set out on an adventure this evening. It was the first time all day that the sun was starting to peak through the clouds – I saw nothing but overcast skies from Michigan to South Dakota! Brad helped me to find some local attractions (there isn’t much on a Sunday night) and I headed down to a widely-known park in the middle of downtown Sioux Falls. Falls Park is the main attraction in this town and was well worth it! The yellowed river and powerful falls smell mildly like a hot spring and have the same sort of warm mist aura around them. The rushing waters used to be used to power a bread mill. With a shortage of wheat and a shortage of water (can’t use the river water!) the factory shut down only two years after opening. They hold regular light and sound shows in the park and have an old fashioned ice cream shop looking out over the whole experience.

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