Memorial Day Parade

Ok, ok, so these are a little bit old… I know. In my defense, I’ve been on the road and since arriving in Bozeman, the weather has been cold (40’s and 50’s) and rainy. Today there isn’t any rain, but it’s incredibly dull with limited visibility. I promise to get some new shots up as soon as the sun comes out! These are left over from Memorial Day. My brother plays the baritone and was marching in the parade. It was uncomfortably hot and humid that Monday morning and a band student and a soldier passed out while trying to stand at attention for the services. Luckily, both were alright and there was medical staff on hand close by. Parents worked hard to hand out ice and water to the kids and the soldiers, both, and the morning ended without any real complications. Such a drastic contrast in weather from Michigan to Montana!

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