Douglas Wedding

I got a chance to meet up with Danielle this afternoon and give her the pictures from her wedding! It was nice to sit and chat for a bit and catch up on how the rest of the reception went…wish I could have been there for more! She was awfully nice to bring a couple photos that were snapped of me during the day (thanks, Danielle!), it’s not often I’m in a picture.  I’m not sharing much from this extraordinarily fun wedding, but here are a few of the detail shots to feed your imaginations. One of the best weddings I’ve been too… so comfortable – despite the humidity – and such a ball! Best wishes to the couple and many happy years to come! 

As a little side note, her family has invited me back to photograph on their beautiful, movie-like property! Can’t wait! Scheming ideas already. . . .  I’m thinking barns and parasols.  😉  Many thanks all around to these families for making this such a wonderful experience for me. I’m very grateful! 
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