So Long, Farewell

My best friend and is moving to Virginia this week. We had one final farewell photo adventure on Saturday night. It won’t be the last one, but it will be the last one in Michigan for a while! I made the photos into a stop motion video for her… she hasn’t seen it yet as her cd drive on her computer is kaput and we both sold all our TVs. 😉 It was tricky experimenting with the rapidly fading sunlight. I had to shoot on a high ISO, which worked for the video when I strung them together, but isn’t great for individual photos. These two shots were right before we set up on a tripod and before two of our balloons escaped from her fingers.  We finished out the shoot in the dark and fumbled back to the truck absolutely covered in mosquito bites and mosquitos. We had to sit around in the car for a bit swatting at them so they wouldn’t continue to eat us as we drove. I’m going to miss her terribly, but wish her all the best of luck on her new endeavors in Virginia! I will live on with the photos we have of our years together – we’ve been through thick and thin. I couldn’t have asked for anything better over the time. Miss you already! Have fun!! 🙂

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