Blue Irises

My wonderful fiancé sent me a bunch of blue irises recently (thanks!!). We have both agreed upon these as our wedding flower as we’re both big fans of them and they’re been a signature flower in our relationship. Not your traditional wedding flower, but they’re beautiful. I’ve been working to match different things to the ‘blue iris’ color, but it’s a difficult color to match – and hard to tell what it looks like on the internet. Luckily, the dress we picked out will go with it fine. They’re a tiny bit off in color, but it won’t matter. We’ve agreed (reluctantly so on my part) to use yellow as an accent color. I’m not a big fan of yellow, but after seeing the flowers in person again and matching a few different colors to the yellow, I’m in agreement. 🙂 Even in these pictures, I don’t feel that the colors are a good representation… what a tricky little flower! It was nice to have them around for a few days. They don’t last very long and it takes them a while to open up. They are a bit finicky and we’ll have a bit of a time trying to time them right with the festivities, but these flowers sort of represent our relationship in that way! This is probably my last ‘free’ posting for a while – a bunch of jobs coming up in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to show you pictures of them all!

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