To follow up the previous posting… here are a couple of Simon’s school pictures for this year! As Jordan will be leaving high school, Simon will just be getting started! He’s a freshman this year and is doing a great job of following in his big sisters (the biggest… ok, well, oldest…) footsteps. He’s an aspiring architect (he gets his artsy side from me…I’m taking the credit!) and Jordan’s an aspiring dentist. I don’t know where that one comes from! Though I did manage to get her interested in some art classes! 🙂 These two will have one year to avoid each other in the hallways and cafeteria and then they’re in the clear! Really, though, I asked them if they would sit together if they had lunch together and they both individually answered yes, but thought the other one wouldn’t want to sit with them. 🙂 They’ve been very close ever since they were little and have been best buds through the years. I like to try and worm my way into their circle of friendship sometimes, but it’s hard! I couldn’t ask for better siblings than these guys and I miss them terribly! Enjoy your beginnings and endings, you two, and I’ll be home to visit soon!

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