I’ve been struggling to find time to finish editing these and get them up! Between the move and some wedding and engagement photos I was working on, these took a bit of a back seat for a while. I finally had time today to sit down and finish them! Right before I moved out to Montana I took Jordan and Simon out to Lake Michigan for Jordan’s senior picture shoot. She’s been looking forward to doing her pictures for a while and was really hoping to do some beach and water shots. She got her wish! I took my brother and sister (aren’t the lucky to have such in’s with the photographer!?) to the west side of the state for a long weekend and birthday treat for Jordan. It was great fun for the three of us and we had a nice little farewell/bonding time time before I headed out across country! Jordan – it amazes me how much you’ve grown up. I remember swinging you on the swings when you were just a little chubby-faced girl with a stick-up mohawk! And picking up all your toys. And trying to get you to make your funny face. And to stop following me around. And all those other things that big sisters try to get their little sisters to do… or to not do. 🙂 Best of luck with your senior year and your college endeavors!

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