Rings & Things

The sun has finally come out in Montana… and it’s here to stay! I spent a little bit of time last week playing around with ‘ring’ shots. I know it’s a bit cheesy, but why not!? What’s life without cheesy! We all need a little cliché once in a while. This will also satisfy the curiosity of those who want to see the ring and haven’t yet. We just took it in this morning to get it sized… very exciting! The bottom picture is of the engagement ring as well as the other ring of Brad’s that I’ve worn since we started dating. I’d have to let him tell you the story… all I know is that it came from Key West from a bum in trade for beer. He’s always felt it’s been a lucky ring and we considered it a sort of promise ring. I need to get it sized (or as we learned today… stretched) so that I can wear it comfortably on a different finger. I used to wear it on my middle finger on my left hand, but now it will scratch my band if I wear it there. Either way, both rings hold significance to us, hence the reason for the above image. 🙂 We took off last night on a little engagement-photo-adventure. It was Take II of our adventure…. the first time around we forgot the wireless remote. We did get the top image out of the first try and I love it. I’m working on editing the second go right now… pictures coming soon!

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