Fairy Lake

We went yesterday and hiked up to and around Fairy Lake. I’ve been wanting to do this hike since March when I came out on spring break. The problem is… it’s 7 miles from the road to the trail head to go down to the lake. The road has been closed off at the 3-mile mark until just a few days ago. The road is still closed off at the 6-mile mark because of some large snow banks that cover the road about .25 miles from the campground. We had to hike the last mile or so of the road up to the campground. Our original plan was to hike up to Sacagawea Peak (in the background of the images), but the trail was covered in snow and we knew we would lose the trail after a few steps. We ended up hiking down to the lake and around the lake and it was ABSOLUTELY worth it. We got a chance to swing out on a rope over the crystal clear, turquoise waters and Brad even dared to step into the water. Don’t be deceived… the water was painfully cold and he took no more than two steps before climbing up onto some rocks to try and regain the feeling in his legs. There is still snow and ice in the lake that is NOT melting – to give you an idea of the water temperature. All-in-all a good hike and beautiful views, as always. Montana never disappoints. We’re off on another hike tonight… to the summit of Garnet Mountain. We’ll be camping alongside the grizzlies for the evening in the fire tower. Wish us luck! And bear spray!

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