Here are a couple more for your viewing pleasure. I had a chance to see this little guy a coupe days ago before taking off for the holidays. Exactly one week after photographing him, and exactly fourteen days after his ‘birth’day, he was just as content as previously. Alert and curious to all around him, he was passed from arm to arm as everyone anxiously awaited holding him. I have a hard time deciding what was more precious… the expression on his face, or the staffs’ faces. I won’t waste time on that one – both were worth more than money can buy, and Micah was enthusiastically welcomed to the ranch and to ranch life. You are quite the blessing, little one, and quite the charmer (already), too. 🙂

As I sit in the other room, separating myself from a football game on TV and the rest of the people in the house, I feel like a bit of a party pooper. Soooo…. here’s my contribution to Monday night football! You can’t possibly tell me this 7-day-old doesn’t have the most photogenic ‘touchdown!’ progression of anyone you’ve met. Oh yeah…. and GOOOOOOO BRONCOS!!! (and Tim Tebow) 🙂

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