Labor Day | A Picnic in the Park

Labor Day this year meant a quick picnic in the park… and by picnic I really mean a quilt on the ground by the river with our soaking wet dog and a thermos full of wine. Add in a few books and a sleepy me ready for a nap in the sun on one of the hottest days yet this season, and you’ve got yourself a non-traditional picnic.

Pogo & Brad

Trying so hard to hide his teeth…. just let those pearly whites show!



So serious!




I NEVER post pictures of myself. Probably because I don’t take them. My second-shooter-in-training has been taking some recently and asking for them to be posted. I’m giving in… just this once… 😉


Or twice! 🙂




See? Wine in a thermos and a good book, feet in the sun and a wet puppy… does it get any better than this!?


She must have thought it was her birthday. Afternoon in the park with her two favorite people, three swims in the river… in three different spots. Needless to say she was completely pooped upon returning home. Aaaahhh.. this is the life.


Happy Belated Labor Day!

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