Introducing…. Trixie, from Ferncliff!

You had a preview and here’s the premier! Katie and her new partner-in-crime, Trixie. After an unfortunate accident, Katie said goodbye to her trusty car, and hello to her new Vanagon, Trixie. All things happen for a reason, or so I believe, and this turned out to be a convenient blessing-in-disguise. I admire Katie for many of her traits. I’ve never met a more free-spirited person. She takes in every aspect of life with a smile and a laught that most envy. As she wraps up her own time on the ranch in the next few months, she will simultaneously fix up Trixie and prep her for their next leg of life. The perfect beach-mobile, Trixie will be accompanying Katie out west when she finishes up this summer. Good luck to you both and can’t wait for you to get here! 

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