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A lot of you have asked about this series – the sink bath – over this past year. You all LOVE it. And it’s not only because of the gorgeous mamma and her precious babe… it’s because it’s REAL. You love it because these are the everyday moments that you will cherish forever… often more so than the posed and smiling images we are so traditionally used to.

This is… LIFESTYLE photography. And yes, I offer it.

I get quite a few Lifestyle inquiries, but folks are often end up booking a more traditional Simple Session – family, senior, couple,… you get the idea.

Then, this morning, I had a lightbulb moment. And now… THEY’RE HERE.

I’m calling them ‘Shorties’ because that’s what they are. Click the link… really. You will giggle. The ‘shrink ray’ is the Shortie. If you didn’t watch the link, get on it!

Here is everything you need to know in one place:

  • $150 for one family (immediate family only)
  • 45 minutes shooting time (no additional time can be added)
  • 1-2 indoor activity max (lifestyle photography is all about you doing what you do as a family normally… with a bit of planning. You cook a lot? I’ll photograph you cooking or baking. You read books? Play games? Make crafts? Build blanket forts? Play instruments? What memories do YOU want documented?)
    • Outdoor lifestyle by special request, only. I could totally get down with a snowman-building-with-hot-chocolate-and-smores session, but it will be weather-dependent.

And here’s what you get:

  • 20-30 edited, full-resolution images
  • Online gallery (note: NO flash drive included)
  • Printing rights
  • Awesome memories

So what’s the catch? These are going to be made available December through February, ONLY. Winter isn’t the best for outdoor photos, so we’re headed inside. Shorties will also have limited booking availability…. starting… NOW.


MICHIGAN: December 22, 23, 29 ONLY


So spread the word, tell your friends, and start planning! I can’t wait to see you all in your homes just being the adorable couples and families that you are.


casey and her camera specializes in couple, family, lifestyle, and wedding photography in Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding areas.

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