Indianapolis Family Photographer | Share Six | Tasty… Yum!

Indianapolis Family Photographer | Share Six | A Personal Project

Hooray! I’m so excited about the change over to Share Six from Project Ten. Share Six means limiting my series to only SIX photos a month – a creative relief as we come into busy season and I am branching out in the realm of photography here in Indianapolis. Six images seems so much more obtainable when you’re on a tight timeline. Hip, hip, HOORAY!

I’ve been challenging myself to try new things with my photography lately – I’m branching out into commercial photography, have changed a bit about my style of shooting in the moment, and am trying to ‘slow down’ and learn new things along the way. It’s important to me, as a creative, that I don’t get ‘stuck’ in one method, style,  or phase of my art. So for this month’s theme {Tasty… Yum!} I didn’t let fear of product photography overtake me… I dove right in!

Of course, it involved eating my props, so that’s always fun. 😉 And since these flow visually in a a manner you might expect from this former art teacher, I’ll leave my words of wisdom here, so you are free to enjoy the soothing aesthetic synchronicity below:

All of these shots were taken with my 100mm Macro (maybe a post on lenses coming, soon). I store each of my lenses inside its intended storage bag or case, and then put those into my Kelly Moore bag. When pulling the macro lens bag out of the Kelly Moore, I was shocked/horrified/sickened to see that the strings had not been tightened or tied. The lens bag was stored upside down (lesson learned) in my camera bag, so pulling it out in one smooth motion and realizing the strings were loose (not how I close the bags, so I must have had a moment when putting it away last) the lens came out of the bag, arched through the air, and crashed 3 feet down to the carpet below. In all my years photographing (since I was about 8) I have NEVEREVEREVER dropped a lens. I was immensely disappointed.

I shared on Instagram how my inexpensive Tiffen UV filter saved the day. I don’t use lenses without a lens filter for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is to protect the glass. Did you know that if you drop a lens WITHOUT a filter, the first thing to crack or shatter will be your lens glass? Put a lens filter on it and the first thing to go will be your filter.

My lens is 100% fine. My filter is cracked in half and a replacement one has already been ordered and is on the way. I tested all the focusing mechanisms and everything is in order. It was a gentle fall and a soft landing surface. I was lucky. All of my gear is completely insured (first lesson of being a photographer) and the lesson of ALWAYSALWAYSALWAYS using a filter is pounded into my brain from my college days. If you’re not protecting your glass yet, please do. You will not regret it.

And now…. our very-first Share Six theme for the month of April: Tasty… Yum!

Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

Oh! You’ve probably been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner of $150 in Rachel Brenke’s Law Tog Contracts!! I so appreciate the patience over the holiday weekend – I’ve set a standard that my family comes first and was able to disconnect from work over the weekend to enjoy the holidays with them – something I’ve struggled with in the past.

So without further adieu….. ((drumroll please))….. congratulations to….


Leave a comment below letting us know you’ve seen this and we will be emailing you shortly! YAY! Thanks for entering and good luck with your contracts!!

Check out the Sharetographers page for more information on the Share Six series, as well as a link to the blog circle to check out more projects, starting with Stephanie’s!

casey and her camera is an Indianapolis Family Photographer specializing in family, couple, lifestyle, senior, and wedding photography for Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding areas.

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