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Last week I introduced you to Seven Sisters Florist – the contributing vendor to my Beauty Revived Mom shoot. Today, I want to take a moment to showcase Melissa’s work and share with you a little interview she and I compiled as a fun way to feature her art and share with you the details of the session these props were used in. Take a look!

Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

1. Where does your love for flowers come from?

I am enamored by color & texture. Since I was young I have enjoyed being outdoors, barefoot and carefree. I think flowers show us the artistic side of our creator.

Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

2. How did you get started as a florist? 

In 2000 I was looking to do something different with my life. I had a friend that shared with me about some courses she had taken at IUPUI. As I spoke with family about possibilities an idea came together. The local florist had recently gone out of business and there was a need for someone to fill the void in the area. So in the span in a year my mother and I began & completed our floral design certificates at IUPUI and opened the doors of Seven Sisters Florist.
Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

3. Where does the name Seven Sisters Florist come from? 

Seven Sisters has dual meaning. Seven Sisters is a variety of climbing rose. The Seven Sisters’ rose is named for the variety of colors that can appear in each cluster of flowers, ranging from carmine through purple, mauve, pink, and cream as the flowers fade. Also my dad, owner of Seven Sisters, is the only boy of 7 children. When he married my mom, co owner, she became the seventh sister. My parents thought this would be a fun way to honor our family lineage for years to come.
Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

4. What is your favorite flower? 

It’s impossible for me to choose!  I love Delphinium for it’s vibrant blue hue, Gerbera daisies for their “happy faces”, Stock for it’s peppery smell, amaranthus for it’s texture and drape.  I could go on and on telling you about the fantastic attributes for almost every flower. I will be honest there is a flower I don’t care for… the rose. Roses come in lots of beautiful colors and varieties, but I dislike getting stuck by thorns.
Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

5. What flower holds the strongest sentiment or memory for you?

Funny enough, the rose! When I was pretty young I participated in tap/ballet. I remember receiving a rose at the end of our performance. I can remember drawing in that deep tea scent and thinking how much I loved that smell.
Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

6. What is your favorite customer request/order/arrangement to make?

I made a life sized “guitar” for sympathy. We were able to trace the deceased guitar to build the replica. It was covered in carnations and cushion poms. The “strap” said “cowboy”. It was very personal for the family and quite and honor.
Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

7. Tell me about a client who has stuck out to you or left a lasting impression on you.

Helen Hills. She was a older lady from a local church. She had spunk & always made me laugh. She always brought joy to the shop whenever she came. Helen inspired me so much. She never stopped movin’ & serving others until she passed.
Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

9. What would be your dream request? 

To appear on Martha Stewart. Ha,Ha. I really haven’t given that much thought. I just want to put the best, most creative product out there.
Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

10. What inspired you to be a part of the Beauty Revived project?

I have always kind of been an awkward duck. At times when I was younger teased for not fitting the standards of “beautiful”. I love that this project looks to redefine what true beauty is. I love that it encourages our community to really open there eyes to the good, the strong and the beautiful around us.
Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera
Thanks again, Seven Sisters Florist! Loved having you be a part of this with me. I will certainly be asking you to help make my visions come true again!

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