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Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

They’re here – it’s official. The 2015 investment rates have been released! And if you’re new around here and are wondering why pricing is changing and whether or not the Friends & Family Discount will be available in 2015 (it won’t be) this will help clear the air for you.

Starting in 2015 I am offering family and child sessions, senior shoots, weddings, photo booths, and lifestyle photography. For this winter ONLY you can book a Lifestyle Shortie for only $150 – good thorough February 2015. Here are the details on these sessions – stay tuned for some sneak peeks of upcoming ones!

So what’s new in 2015, then!? I mean…. besides the pricing? Well let’s look it through:

OUT WITH THE OLD: (I picked a boring brown color just for you)

  • 30-40 image yield
    • (let’s be honest… when have I EVER really stuck to this??)
  • Wedding packages
    • I’ll be the first to admit I was offering a package that I wouldn’t even have considered as a bride… so it’s gone! Brides-to-be I’m simplifying the process for you.
  • Thumb Drives
    • A lot of computers are being made without CD drives and a lot of folks are moving to iPads and tablets as their primary electronic go-to. USB packages will be available as an add on in 2015 so that you can customize your session to your need!
  • Online Galleries
    • You’ve seen some DRASTIC improvements in the last quarter of this year if you’ve booked me recently… and those changes are here to stay! These online galleries and ordering services were previously a HOT MESS. Infinite apologies and I’ll do you one better – I’ll fix it. 
  • Colorado Taxes
    • Self explanatory, but why pay taxes to a state I no longer live/work in? 😉


  • Unlimited images
    • My style has changed (and improved) and sessions now yield anywhere between 70-100 images. Sometimes even more! I’ve never limited the amount of images returned to a client – if it’s good, you get it. I’ve been over-returning to all clients and I would NEVER change this. Digital negatives come with a price tag, though, and you full-resolution images are included in your investment fee – it’s quite the steal!
  • Wedding Packages
    • I’ve noticed that most of my brides want about 9 hours of coverage – so that’s what I’m offering! Wedding packages can be customized with additional time and sessions to fit the event needs.
  • Thumb Drives
    • Now available as an add on!
  • Online Galleries
    • New, improved, and now available to you for up to TEN years!! WHEE! All 2015 galleries will have full-resolution images delivered to your email for immediate downloading – and not just as individual image downloads as available to you in 2014. This makes product delivery easy, immediate, and enjoyable!
  • Indiana Taxes
    • For those of you who have been with me for the last year – Indiana has a different way of doing things than Colorado… especially when it comes to sales taxes. So instead of charging you sales tax on top of the investment fee – it’s all built in!

So without further delay…. 2015 pricing! All pricing is available for viewing on the ‘Info’ tab.

Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

NOTE: AVAILABLE December ’14 – February ’15 ONLY. Regular Lifestyles available year-round.

Indianapolis Lifestyle Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Lifestyle Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Senior Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Photo Booths | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her camera

casey and her camera specializes in family, couple, lifestyle, senior, and wedding photography in Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding areas.

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