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I promised a little sneak preview of this afternoon’s mini engagement shoot with a longtime friend of mine. We met WAY back in the 8th grade – and had a good laugh today over discussing just how long ago this was for us. We were both new to the area and it was easy to relate to someone else from across the country. Rhode Island and Texas met in Michigan that year. 🙂 Amanda and her fiancé had some portraits done the other day, but in anxious anticipation, we decided to take a few more on our own! She’s got an eye for art and knew what she wanted, so we went on a little adventure (complete with Jimmy Johns!!) this afternoon. It was great to catch up and fun to take some photos with her. I promised a little something, and it’s gotten late… I’m still in mountain time! These shots of her ring will have to hold you over until tomorrow… or maybe till I’m back in MT! Congratulations to both Amanda and Brady, and thanks for the fun and filling afternoon! 😉

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