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Several years ago (I think it was 3…) I was back in MI at the same time as Annie Fedrigo Photography and was fortunate enough to tag-a-long on this shoot. Lauren is a model (if you couldn’t already tell… she’s drop-dead gorgeous and with an awesome personality to go along with it) and needed some shots done. Annie gathered up her creative juices and her props and we headed out to a park on a frigid and overcast Michigan day to have a go. I tagged along to observe, mostly. At the time I wasn’t shooting too much and it’s good to share ideas, concepts, and experiences with other artists… it’s the fuel that keeps us going. I remember not ever editing the images, but I don’t remember why. Maybe I figured it wasn’t my shoot, maybe I was comparing my work to Anne’s and was doubting my abilities… WHO KNOWS!? Regardless, I stumbled across these and had a ‘WHY DIDN’T I EVER EDIT THESE!?’ moment because:

1. She’s gorgeous!

2. What a fun shoot without any real set-in-stone end result.

3. They’re good!

It’s fun to look back at past work and critique myself… and also encourage myself. Fellow photographers, don’t be so hard on yourself. What’s that quote everyone likes to share? Oh, yeah…

“The only photographer you should compare yourself to, is the one you used to be.”








This… is not actually a landscape image. It’s a vertical, cropped. If you haven’t noticed already…. scroll back up and take note. See that? I used to ONLY shoot in portrait format. CRAZY. Now I MOSTLY shoot in landscape with the occasional portrait thrown in… for portraits. My how time has changed. This shot, though!? Geez I wish I had skin, hair, eyes, etc. like that! Uhhhhmmmmm… and a photo of myself looking this awesome! 😉


This shoot is also the reason I bought a reflector. In Michigan, it’s needed on those overcast days; not just for filling shadows, reflecting light, etc, but also for warming images! For all  you fill-flash-folks out there, none used on the right-hand image… only a reflector! Hooray for overcast days and the gold side of the reflector!



Big thanks to Anne for letting me tag along. I learned a lot on this shoot about a variety of things. More importantly, I think my confidence grew and I felt challenged and encouraged to learn. And bigger thanks to Lauren for modeling for us in the frigid rain! Those dress shots?? About 30-40 degrees and RAINING if I remember correctly! And you could never tell! This girl has GOT it!



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