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Indianapolis Lifestyle Photography | Project Ten

For this month’s Project Ten theme, Simplicity, I knew immediately I wanted to use one of my original and favorite subjects: my siblings. When I first picked up a camera when I was a kid, the most readily available people around me (I tried flowers, landscapes, and objects, but they just didn’t hit home with me) were my siblings. I have two younger ones – a brother and a sister – and they readily (if not willingly) became my stand-in-models as part of their birthright. In fact, I think I even won a photo contest with a photo of my sister and the subject of this shoot (the brother decided to go to a movie instead) in a yellow-kid-swing when she was only 1.5 or 2. Must dig that up sometime…

So. Simplicity. I had an idea and then ((literally)) as we we were walking out the door, I got a new idea. I ran back and grabbed a few props and BAM! The product is below. I’ll give you a sneak and then explain…

Project Ten | casey and her camera

Or perhaps it’s self-explanatory… at least to those of you who adore Christmas as much as I do. I LIVE for the Christmas season every year and eat-it-up when the stores have the decorations out, the music on, and the gift lists handy at the door… IN OCTOBER. I’ve been trying to figure out annually how to extend this holiday, but it seems like the retail world has got me covered.

Project Ten | casey and her camera

Christmas time is easy. I’m just (get ready for the corny) BRIMMING with joy. I sing, I dance, I decorate, I buy gifts, I know what is more important, I spend glorious amounts of time with family, I wrap up in blankets, I drink hot chocolate with absurd amounts of reddi whip, I have 6+ different designs of Christmas wrapping paper, I write secret names on presents, I organize reunions, I set the lights in my house on timers so that I can maximize my time sitting in my family room STARING AT MY OWN DECORATIONS.

Yep, I’m that crazy Christmas lady. Who’s with me?!

Project Ten | casey and her camera

I grew up this way – I can’t explain it. And yet it’s the simplest thing I do/feel/am ALL.YEAR.LONG. To me, the season of Christmas = SIMPLICITY.

Luckily, my sister agreed. So we tromped out in the 20-degree weather and made it happen. <3

Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out the other posts in the blog circle. You can head over to Jami’s page and see her take on ‘simplicity’. I promise you it will do nothing short of knocking your socks off. See you all in 2015!

Project Ten | casey and her cameraProject Ten | casey and her cameraProject Ten | casey and her cameraProject Ten | casey and her cameraProject Ten | casey and her cameraProject Ten | casey and her camera

You could never bah-humbug these guys, anyway. Who are you kidding!?

Project Ten | casey and her camera

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