posing with hands

Have you ever gone on Pinterest and looked at the various posing suggestions? Maybe I should start that sentence by saying, “You know you’re a photographer when…”. Well I have. I have a whole board of ideas. Some are corny posing guides, and others are just great shots with examples of poses I’d like to try on a model… or better yet, on my sister.

She’s one-of-a-kind and the best kind of model because she doesn’t ask questions, can keep a GREAT straight face, and ‘smiles with her eyes’ because Tyra Banks told her to. So, on her recent visit to CO, she threw on some boots, a feather-and-seashell headband, and fluffed her hair and we were out the door. We got in about 15 minutes before it started raining on us, and we milked it for another 15 before calling it quits and retreating to the car.

In those 30 minutes, though we managed to get in more posing experimentation than I’m willing to do on a paying job. It pushed my comfort zones – and her flexibility (which is minimal to begin with) – and even incorporated some really model-y looking hands. Ok, maybe attempted these hand poses while giggling a lot, but we ended up with some shots, nonetheless!

I’m sad she’s gone, but thrilled we squeezed in our traditional photo shoot. We almost were so sucked into vacation mode (and the couch) that we didn’t venture out for this. I’m super glad we did!

Miss you, J-Ru!

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