Some of you may know that about a year and a half ago I verbally committed myself to the 5-year plan for casey and her camera. I said it out loud, to more than 1 person, to help hold myself accountable. I then let a year go by without doing much of anything.

At the beginning of this year, I realized I was down to four years – and still committed to making this happen. So 2013 is the year when things really started to move – or I started to move them. I am licensed, insured, registered, and most importantly (in my mind), I am updated, online, and with a fresh look.

Part of this process (and just in time for some newlyweds who are dear to me), was packaging! UGH! Talk about my worst nightmare. I researched, pinned ideas, ordered samples offline, galavanted off to Michael’s (many MANY times), put things together, took them apart, glued, taped, wrapped, and FINALLY… came up with this!

In this process I learned a lot about myself – and to always go with my cut. I started with these colors (come to my house sometime – most things here are the same scheme), and ended with these (about a month later). I learned that I like the ‘natural’ look. I like simple, clean, organized, structured (hmmm… sound like me, much?) and it’s what continues to represent me as an individual and as a business.

I’m SUPER pleased to present this as I had to wait in suspense while Leah and Scott‘s packaged traveled cross-country to them… I couldn’t give it away before they received the first-ever-completely-official-casey-and-her-camera package!

One thing off the 3.5 year list … now on to the next item!


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