Our Engagement Photos

Brad and I set out a couple of nights while I was in Bozeman to take some engagement pictures of our own. We don’t need anything fancy or formal, we just don’t really have a lot of pictures together and what better time to take them then now! We have the perfect excuse! Luckily for us, I stumbled across a contest in which I could use the photos – stringing them together into a stop motion video that you can watch here if you haven’t already. You can vote on it, too! We had a lot of fun taking these pictures and being complete goofballs – as we often are. It’s difficult to take pictures of yourself for two reasons: 1. timing is hard… even with a remote… even with a wireless remote. 2. If you’re used to being behind the camera, it’s hard to get in front of it and be happy with the pictures of yourself. However, I am very happy with the way these turned out and love them as much as I loved taking them… and being in them. 🙂

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