Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, ok, I know I’ve totally been slacking on blogging lately. That’s what I get for being a teacher and a coach and a photographer all in one! I spent some time over Memorial Day Weekend taking some portraits with some new toys and accessories . . . and I’m pleased with the outcomes! I’ve been busy editing photos from the Douglas wedding (just finished color correcting tonight!), but I took a short break tonight through a tornado warning (AHHHHH!) to get some of these up for you. I put up a lot to make up for my lack of recent productivity. SORRY! With school quickly coming to a close I hope to have more time to keep up on keeping you up! I had a blast over the long weekend spending time with my family and getting engaged! We spent time with Brad’s (pictured above and in many of my photos) family as well. We’re looking forward to planning for the wedding, and – of course – we’ll keep you updated via photos as we go! 

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