July 1, 2011

As I sit and look at the photos I’ve posted, I find myself (oddly enough) at a loss for words. I can normally talk myself through most situations, but this is one I find myself voiceless. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to photograph my Grandma before she passed away – in these pictures I can still see the same woman I grew up with. I have so many memories of Grandma at our house on Lynn Drive, and many more at a variety of spots in Massachusetts. The facial expressions, the mannerisms, the poses…. those pictured above are identical to those that I have burned into my memory from a young age. I know that when we visited her recently that she was there; that she recognized her son, that she appreciated the presents, the cake, the company. I knew that when we said goodbye, we were saying it with more conviction than ever before – but it doesn’t make it any easier today. Grandma, you lived a beautiful life and touched many others along the way. Rest easy. xo.
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