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If you know me at all, it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for details… and wedding details are no exception for me. There are many wedding-day-favorites for me and if you piece them altogether, they just aren’t complete without the in-between… the details. I was talking to a 2016 bride earlier this week and I was explaining what a day of coverage looked like, we began talking about these shots. They’re pictures of things. Not moments. Not people. Not relationships, memories, or connections. Just … things.

As an Indianapolis wedding photographer, I’ve always enjoyed photographing these things. I’m not sure if it’s the borderline-introvert in me, or my love of cake (I just LOVE to stand close to the cake and photograph it… just the smell of the sugar is enough to put a smile on my face), or the fact that I get to play with nature and stick rings on bushes, up in trees, in flowers, etc. But I didn’t really put it together until I was talking this bride and her mom – and it just clicked.

I love telling stories.

It’s why I do what I do. For me it’s about the relationship, the story, the connection… the legacy. And in order to tell that story, you need what’s in between the lines. You need the details, the stillness, the objects. These, too, are part of the story. They may not be the main subject… or even the verb… but they are certainly the adjectives. All of them.

Without these details, your day would be incomplete. Your story would have gaps. You would be missing something. These is so much time and attention and love that goes into building this great story of your lives so far and your life that is yet to come, why leave anything out? Sure, you may not blow these images up and frame them on your walls (although I totally would for this first shot), but they belong in the album. They deserve to be there alongside you as you tell the story of your love… without any words.

They complete the tale.

So for your Friday-viewing-pleasure, here are a few of my favorite detail shots from this recent New Year’s Eve wedding. Enjoy!

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her camera

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her camera

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casey and her camera is an Indianapolis Wedding Photographer specializing in couple, lifestyle, senior, family and wedding photography for Indianapolis, Indiana, and the surrounding areas.

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