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Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her camera

I had the pleasure of spending a recent weekend second shooting for Joshua McDonald Photography out of Fort Collins, CO. We drove up to Wyoming for the day and spent it with high school sweethearts who had known each other since they were kids.

I must admit – my day was relaxing and … almost, slow. Those words are almost NEVER used to describe a wedding, but not having to be in the driver seat really made it feel that way for me. Here’s a snippet of what I captured throughout the day!

I started out with this cutie who decided she wanted to be my assistant and help me proof photos on the back of my camera… after modeling for them, of course.

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

I rarely, in fact… maybe never, get to spend time with the guys getting ready, so I soaked it all in. Biggest thing I noticed? Guys are NERVOUS! Girls are stressed AND nervous, but it’s so neat to see these men just completely jittery!Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding Photographer

I’ve known for a long time I’m a detail-oriented person in my everyday life. Being a second shooter allowed me to hone in on this even more. I looked for hand placement, small details (check out her nails!), and anything the couple may have spent money or time on.

Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding Photographer

Snuck in a shot of this from the background. Completely posed by Josh, but it’s just too good to pass up… down to the feet placement and everything! Also, people… her shoes!Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

He spent four year (OF HIGH SCHOOL) saving up for her ring. I think they may have a movie romance.Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding Photographer

Oh, and they had a fantastically choreographed first dance. Kicking myself for not thinking of this for our reception! And then convincing Brad to go along with the plan… Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

And I managed to snag the couple at the very end of the night for a few abandoned-hallway-hotel-shots. SOOOO worth it. Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding Photographer



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