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Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her camera

I discovered the naked trend on Pinterest – where else?! I pinned this thinking it was (quite possibly) the best cake I had ever seen… and I was wrong. I now know, that the cake below is, by far, the best cake I have ever seen… and that top tier? YEP! Best cake I’ve ever EATEN to date.

What you may not know about me is that I’m from Rhode Island. Already knew that? Good. We’re all on the same page, now. Years ago, I moved to Michigan where I encountered quite the cultural shock. I still love to tell the story of my first day of school in my new home, but I’ll save that for a rainy day. 😉

A few years later, Ellen moved to town. She was also from Rhode Island. Go figure! Actually, our dad’s had known each other in Rhode Island… if I remember correctly, they knew each other through work. Ellen and I connected – being new to town is never easy, no matter how old you are. I have fond memories with Ellen over the years.. there were a lot of Good Charlotte sing-a-longs on the ride to play practice… and then there was play practice. The one and only time I was ever in a play, we went big instead of going home. It wasn’t a school play, it was an Ann Arbor play company play. And we both had parts. I’m not even sure what inspired us to go out for this play, or how we even came across it, but we did it, and I’ll never forget it.

Flash forward… years later… Ellen is (still) artistic and successful working as a cake decorator for Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. Kind of a big deal. I knew, immediately, I wanted my cake to be made through-and-through by her. You see, I was trying to keep things small-town, local, and personal. I know my photographer personally, my DJ, my florist, my decorator, and I wanted to know my cake artist, too! Stay tuned on the other details. 😉

The catch is, though, Ellen can’t run any side business. The loop hole is, we can trade services. Stick around long enough and you’ll see some shoots of here up on the blog, here… and I CAN’T wait to be able to repay the favor!! So, obviously, as you can see below, the cake turned out PHENOMENALLY – both in look and taste – and has now become the BEST cake I have ever seen. And eaten.

So THANK YOUUUUUU, Ellen… cannot WAIT to get you in front of my camera!

Now go raid the sweets in the pantry.


NOTE: All photos shot by the lovely Jami Carlson Photography. XOXO

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her camera

Oh, and that cake knife? Yep… the one my parents cut their cake with at their own wedding 38 years ago.

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her cameraIndianapolis Wedding Photographer | casey and her camera


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