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Every year (usually in January, but April is better than never!) I like to sit down and do some dreaming for the upcoming year. It started out as just goal-setting, but dreaming big is so much more fun than just goal setting… and now my dreams roll over from year to year!

A couple of years ago I wrote a mid-year goal check-in post and it’s really rewarding for me to look back and see what I accomplished and how I was growing. It’s a perfect way to hold myself accountable – to myself as a creative and entrepreneur, but also to my clients, form whom I am always striving to better myself and keep growing.

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I thought I had written one last year, too, but it doesn’t look like I did! So to make up for it, here’s a recap of my 2015 dreams and goals:

2015 Dreams:

2015 Goals:

  • Create new client questionnaires
  • Create a wedding magazine for new clients
  • Order sample products
  • Outline ‘what to expect’ for clients to enjoy after booking
  • Shoot 10-12 weddings
  • Create and publish a set of actions and a set of presets
  • Design a class
  • Find my ‘niche’
  • Create a ‘what to wear’ guide
  • Order custom thank you cards
  • Design and print new wedding welcome kits
  • Transition to working full time!

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Not everything turns out as you plan it to, though. For instance, I had my own in-home office for about 9 months… turns out I didn’t like it much and vacated in September. I’d much prefer to have my desk and space integrated into our normal living spaces. It helps me feel included and like I’m not missing anything even when I have to send late-evening client emails or back up files after a shoot.

I found my niché (yay, families!) while also figuring out I love taking on limited weddings that are a strong fit with my personality and style. It’s funny how you learn things about yourself as you go. And as I transitioned to working full-time as a photographer in January, I quickly realized (by March, at the latest) that I wasn’t ready yet. I was lonely working from home in a new state, and I really, REALLY missed working with youth in education. So in August I went back to work (part time) as a high school art teacher and restarted the search for balance again. Although, at this point I’m mostly convinced balance just isn’t for me and that I should just do a little bit of everything I love!

Indianapolis Photographer | casey and her camera

So what’s on the list for 2016?

2016 Dreams:

  • Traveling Sessions
  • Explore and shoot more film
  • Medium format!
  • Guest blogging for an online publication
  • Brand recognition… within my style of shooting/editing

2016 Goals:

  • Create new client questionnaires (I moved to an entirely digital system that I love and is so easy for my clients!)
  • Create a wedding magazine for new clients
  • Order sample products (Post coming soon… my albums are SCRUMPTIOUS!)
  • Shoot 5 weddings (Fully booked + 1 elopement! Bring on 2016!)
  • Create and publish a set of actions and a set of presets (Going out to testers soon!)
  • Design (and teach!) a class
  • Transition to an LLC structure
  • Blog more… and make it personal
  • Update wedding welcome kits
  • Customize the album ordering process
  • Move to cloud storage (no more externals!)

Can’t wait to check in on all of this again next year! What’s on your to-do list?!

Indianapolis Photographer | casey and her camera

casey and her camera is an Indianapolis Photographer specializing in couple, lifestyle, senior, wedding and family photography for Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding areas.

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