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A Laundry Room Makeover | My Weekends {A Personal Post}

If you follow me on Facebook, and you enjoy seeing sneak peeks and other posts throughout the week, you may be wondering where the heck I disappear to on weekends. I’ve spent most of my working life (okay… all of it… starting when I was 14) working on the weekends. As a kid I worked in restaurants and retail (weekends), when I started teaching I also coached (weekend games/tournaments), then I facilitated camps and programs (on/through weekends), and as a manager I was on call (on weekends). Are you seeing the pattern?

So since I started focusing solely on this business just over a month ago, I’m making a point to do as little {business} work on weekends as possible. I realize this will change in a few months as the snow melts and people start venturing outdoors again, but for now, I’m soaking in every moment of weekend time I have to focus on projects and adventures.

So I’m pretty non-existent on Facebook on the weekends. Which, in business terms and Facebook algorithms, isn’t helping my internet presence, but my at-home-presence with my husband and dog takes priority over that. 😉

If you do want to know what I’m up to on weekends, you can follow along on Instagram. It’s where I share much of what is going on in our personal lives – specifically with our new house! We moved in over the first weekend of October, cranked out two months of solid updates, and took a Christmas break. Since returning back in January, we’ve been at it again, and this weekend’s project has been the laundry room.

As a photographer, I’m thoroughly embarrassed by the images below. As a home owner, I couldn’t be more pleased. I won’t get into the technicalities of the photos, but rather will focus on the improvements to the home. I wish I had a true ‘before’ picture of the laundry room makeover, but I’m a terrible failure when it comes to taking these photos. I get way too excited to just start ripping things apart and usually don’t remember to take the photo until I’m taking my first ‘break’ from working on it. Hence the already moved machines and lack of shelving and cabinets on the walls. Regardless, I’m happy to have these photos nonetheless.

So this weekend, while I was missing from most social media, I was posting little tidbits from my life over on Instagram while we are updating our laundry room. Good riddance lemonade-yellow walls and 20-year-old vinyl flooring. Hello, hardwood floors and walls that make me feel calm. No more heightened heart rate every time I need to change the laundry over. Of course, no laundry can currently be done, but that’s just fine by me. 😉


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