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Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

Three years ago I admitted out loud that I was committing, verbally and wholeheartedly, to this path of becoming a full-time photographer. I gave myself time as I’m ((still)) not-yet ready to leave the world of education and youth work. My day job is just far too cool to cold-turkey switch. Isn’t there a way I can do both!?

I have two years left to give this thing a full-blown whirl. In the last three years, and more specifically in the last year, I have made leaps and bounds to my business plan. I have set goals and accomplished them – in some cases far exceeded them. I won’t go into detail as I have some secret blog plans up my sleeve and don’t want to give too much away just yet!

As Brad and I drove home from Michigan and into another new year here in Colorado, I started to over think (okay, analyze) this concept of resolutions. Many people are getting away from this word and are just setting goals… which I LOVE. The word ‘resolution’ shouldn’t leave a lingering taste of temporary in my mouth, but it does. I can’t help it. So as we drove home and into 2014, I started to set goals.

My goals fill three pages of a 5×9 notebook sitting next to me. They cover to-do lists, 2014 goals, and even start to dip into 2015 plans. After all, I’ve only got 24 months left! One of my smaller goals for this year is to be consistent in my submissions. Submitting my work is quite possibly the most terrifying part, to me, of being an artist. I avoided it in high school, continued to avoid it in college, and have pretended, until now, that as an adult this doesn’t even exist. But I’m changing all that now.

There are three photography blogs that I follow closely. I have it plugged into my calendar to remind me to submit each week to their weekly features, and have made it a priority to start submitting to their larger projects whenever I shoot a session or project. I am restricting myself, though, but NOT allowing myself to submit the same image to more than ONE of these – the bigger the risk, the greater the reward, right?!

Well, this week’s risk paid off. We’re off to a good start – HELLLOOOOOO JANUARY! The below image was chosen by Lemonade and Lenses and featured on their Weekly Favorites blog this week. It’s perhaps a small feat, to be featured, but I feel overwhelmed with a feeling of reward and accomplishment and am proud display L&L Featured button to the right on my very blog.

Thank you, Lemonade and Lenses, for helping me start this year out on the best possible foot – the one of raising the bar and constantly striving to better myself as an artist and as a photographer. 2014 goals and challenges…

Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

casey and her camera is an Indianapolis Family Photographer specializing in family, couple, lifestyle, senior, and wedding photography for Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding areas.

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