1. Julie says:

    Your blog is such an amazing resource!! On a side note, if you are ever in Denver, I would love to have you take our family’s photographs!

  2. Sarah Schwartz says:

    Awesome post. Such useful information!

  3. Dillion says:

    Could you clarify something for me. You used these contracts but then hired an attorney as well. I know they’re good contracts but why not have the attorney draft then and avoid paying two times for one contract?

    • Great question, Dillion! Rachel is an attorney who practices in Texas, but I live in Indiana. I need to have them reviewed by an Indiana attorney to verify that I’ve covered all laws here in Indiana.

      I know that using Rachel’s contracts, they’re specific to PHOTOGRAPHERS – there aren’t a lot of lawyers who also specialize in photography businesses. By using these templates, I know that I’m covering things that an attorney unfamiliar with the business of photography may not have thought to include.

      It saves me time and money to use Rachel’s contracts instead of having an attorney draft a contract here in Indiana, as well, and this was a big piece for me. Attorney fees range in price, but instead of asking a lawyer to draft a contract for me for $250/hour, I’m purchasing Rachel’s template up front and only paying a minimal fee for my attorney to review ALL of my drafts.

      I’m currently having 5 contracts reviewed, but am only paying for 2-3 hours of service, instead of having 5 contracts drafted and paying some pretty hefty lawyer fees.

      In the end, it’s personal preference, but I feel much more comfortable (and covered) by going this route. I hope this answers all your questions – thanks for bring up some great points!

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