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Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

Drumrolllllll, please! The big reveal – casey and her camera care cards!

I’ve given these in a few different ways in the last few years: digitally (boring!), printed at home (crafty!), in the initial contract (good… but who remembers what they signed by the time they get their images!?), and so on. In my initial contract that is signed for any Simple Session or Kiss Me Wedding Package, all copyright, printing right, and online gallery information is detailed, and then signed off on. The legalities are covered. I do not have a separate print/digital release… this is all included in the initial so folks don’t feel bogged down with legal details and contract signings.

The problem is, these documents are often signed 6+ months in advance of the shoot. So by the time the images are delivered, folks can’t remember what they are and aren’t allowed to do with the images. Want to submit your baby’s photo to a Gerber contest? Sorry! Can’t do that without written permission from casey and her camera. Want to print all your images at the local Walmart? Sure! Go for it! Just remember, casey and her camera can’t guarantee the quality or accuracy of those prints.

So instead of asking folks to sign another contract upon receipt of their digital images, I include the following information on these care cards – now in their best form yet! Sooo… what’s included?

  • Copyright Info: Breaks down what clients can/cannot do with their images – both digital and printed. Empowers clients to support casey and her camera in controlling the quality of all images produced in their session. Contest submission? Not allowed. Cropping, coloring, editing? Not allowed. Public display? Not allowed. By detailing it on this little card, there is no confusion later when folks are posting and sharing online and with family and friends.
  • Printing Rights: If clients choose to print with a lab I do not currently work with, and the order is not placed by my company, the client may find they are prompted to produce printing rights before the lab (even something as simple as Walmart and Target) will print. Do all labs ask? No. Is it required by law? Yes. 😉 This little card gives the client everything they will need so they aren’t slowed down in the printing process. Of course, casey and her camera cannot guarantee the quality of prints printed through outside labs, but it is absolutely the client’s choice.
  • Online Gallery Access: I give my clients a thumbdrive in a package (because who doesn’t like getting presents!?!?) and also give them access to an online gallery for easy downloading, sharing, and basic printing. This card details how they will receive access to their gallery, the sizes available for order through their online gallery, as well as tells them how to go about ordering other sizes and products!

And as a bonus…

  • Flashdrive Care: This card breaks down what is included on the flashdrive, how it should be used, and encourages the client to back up all files to an external source as the lifespan of a flashdrive isn’t eternal. It also states that casey and her camera is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen flashdrives, in the event the client chooses not to back up the images.

So that’s it! Book a 2014 session and you’ll receive these care cards with your package in the mail… yay!


Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

casey and her camera is an Indianapolis Family Photographer specializing in family, couple, lifestyle, senior, and wedding photography for Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

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