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Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

Yesterday afternoon wrapped up my 2014 shoots and I couldn’t be feeling more grateful for this adventure that I am on. I just looked back at my 2013 Recap and am truly amazed at how much happened this year.

At the end of last year I started practicing saying “I am a photographer” when asked what I do. It didn’t always come out smoothly. It usually came out “I’m a Ranch Manager and I also have a photography business.” This was fine, but not what I was trying to say – I just simply didn’t believe in myself as a photographer… yet.

Fast forward to this year. I had my first Colorado shoot early in the year. February, to be exact. I shot my second (and last) in April. I was just far too busy with the ranch and my day job to focus on my dreams. I let go and immersed myself back into my ranch work.

Then May came around and I had 8 shoots while home to Michigan on two different occasions. This jolted my memory – oh yeah, I forgot I was on this path to becoming a photographer. I dabbled a bit through June, and in July I made one of the biggest and scariest decisions I would make all year. I put in my notice at the company I have spent the last four years with. Granted, I played it safe and put in a year notice – in July of 2015 I would be leaving to give this photography things a full-time-try.

I kid you not – 30 minutes later my husband called (I had just hung up with my boss’s boss putting in my notice) and told me he’d been offered a position in Indianapolis and if I agreed, we would be leaving in the next few weeks.

I felt like my life was, momentarily, straight out of a movie.

We’ve now been in Indy for four months and I worked my last day this past Friday. I am (officially and believably) a full-time photographer now and saying “I’m a photographer” is coming out a lot more smoothly.

It’s so funny to me how life works out. Here I am, trying to play it safe, and the world decides to give me a push – right over the edge. My cat-like qualities landed me right on my feet… I’m just in a new place. And I’m committed. I am giving this all that I’ve got – it’s somewhere around 478%. Since arriving in August, I’ve had 21 jobs. This may not seem like a lot, but while still balancing my other job, traveling for work and personal, buying a house and moving in, hosting Thanksgiving and redoing the entire first floor of our house, I will admit I have no idea how I found the time.

I found this on Sue Bryce’s Facebook page the other day and think this will be my 2015 slogan. It describes this journey for me thus far so perfectly and I’m looking forward to diving in next year.

So what did 2014 look like? Well… this. 4 states, 34 different shoots, several Project Tens, a plethora of new fans and followers (welcome!), two moves, 3 weddings, several second-shooter gigs (new to me as I typically work as the primary… found I sort of enjoy the shooting-without-pressure deal.), commercial shoots, and a couple of terribly important details:

1. Family Photography is my niche and what I am starting to focus on more. I will continue to offer weddings and engagements through 2015 and we will see where I land in 12 months. 😉

2. There are immense amounts of rejection and disappointment in this field.  More on this later, but in the meantime for my fellow photographers who can relate to this? Don’t let it stick with you for too long and certainly don’t let it pull you down.

3. Being invited to take over Project Ten. You may remember it was a 2014 goal to be invited to participate. Taking over was far beyond any expectations I would have ever set for myself.

So without further adieu…. here’s what 2014 looked like for casey and her camera. Thanks to all for your support and business and I look forward to working with you in 2015!


Indianapolis Family Photographer | casey and her camera

casey and her camera is an Indianapolis Family Photographer specializing in family, couple, lifestyle, senior, and wedding photography for Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

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