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If you followed yesterday’s 2013 Recap posting, then you may have guessed this was coming. If not, you may not have read far enough (allll the way to the last line) in the blog. It’s okay… I forgive you. 😉 If you saw this posting, from last week, you may also be anticipating this read.

With all of the growth that happened in 2013, I welcomed 2014 with a serious goal-setting session. There are three full pages pinned to the wall in front of me, each filled with a variety of short and long term goals. Some are already crossed off! For example, rework my site – I finished that up last weekend! You can check it out here. Another one that is crossed off is this crazy-out-there idea of being published. To my surprise, I already accomplished that goal here! This process of setting goals for 2014 and crossing them off, when we’re not even through January, has really made me wondering if I’m pushing my limits enough… if I’m taking big enough risks.

The answer? Probably not. But I’m getting there! I’m not fully satisfied with my publication goals – I would like to take it to the next level and be published in a digital AND print journal. One of which is potentially in the works! 😉 There are other things on that list like re-do my packaging, take a graphic design class, create welcome kits and make my contract more user-friendly, and a couple of others.

The biggest change that YOU will see coming down the pipelines will be the changes in my pricing and services. Don’t worry, though, these pieces won’t take effect until 2015. That does mean that this is the last year to take advantage of some of these goodies. I’ve mentioned before about this 5-year track I’m on, and I’m within the last two years of this commitment I made to myself. 2013 was an AWESOME introductory year for me, and I fully plan on taking it to the next level in 2014. That means more sessions, quicker turnarounds, better products, and ultimately, building a client base.

As a photographer, this is the number one most important thing to me about building my business. I have no desire to ever be a shoot & burn photographer – I’m also not interested in being a salesperson; both of which are valid and popular in this industry… they’re just not for me. I believe in building relationships. It’s the line of work I’ve been in since graduating. I build relationships with students and peers and co workers all day long, and as I transition into this position that is my dream job, I fully intend to bring that with me.

Many of you have had the opportunity to take advantage of the 25% Off Friends & Family this past year, or will snatch it up this year in booking your shoots. The biggest piece I’ve taken away from this past year is that friends and family value you. No matter what your learning curve, they will support you in your dreams and passions, and you cannot put a price on that… in either direction. The second biggest lesson I learned is that those I work with, whom maybe weren’t friends or family upon contract signing, become so. And THIS is what I want to build my business around.

To me, being a Professional Photographer means building relationships. It means building a client base until you can’t take on any more. It means growing with families, it means being a part of these families. It means you document the years, you know the kids, you are invited to social gatherings and not because you’re photographing it. It means dedication to clients, it means building a business around what YOU want. It means understanding that we live in the digital age and not limiting products for profit. It means being social – something that doesn’t always come easy to me. But this is what I believe above anything else.

So throughout 2014, I’m honoring various discounts – and I’m opening it up to all. It will not be limited to those I have known for 2 years or 20 years, but can be scooped up by anyone. I’ll be really focusing on building a base. This doesn’t mean these opportunities will be gone forever after this year, it just means they’ll be limited to special occasions and seasonal promotions. It saves you from confusing prices in the future – from prices that are marked up just to have a discount applied to even it out. My services are priced at what they are worth, and as I grow as a photographer, my services and products will grow along with me.

So for this year, take advantage. Tell your friends. And let’s all become friends. There are several opportunities available now – for both Michigan and Colorado – and you can continue to keep an eye out for others throughout the year.

Cheers, 2014! Let’s do this! And here’s to a successful last year before retirement! Of current pricing, of course. 😉

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casey and her camera is an Indianapolis Family Photographer specializing in family, couple, lifestyle, senior, and wedding photography for Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding areas.

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