1. Doug says:

    I found your website searching for random blogs on photography and included Indiana.   I live in Indiana, just outside of Cincinnati, OH.   I fell in love with this blog post and will probably read more.   I am new in photography (where I am sharing more).  I work full time and am nearing retirement and may consider this as a way to keep busy when that day comes.   My website is https://fotomentum.com if you care to look at it.  It is nothing compared to your site, but I do (or have recently ) started blogging with a post coming out every Saturday.  But the reason I am commenting is I love how you wrote this blog post and preped me for all the images to browse.  Loved each and every photo.  I am not making money (yet) on my photogrpahy and have a familily shoot this weekend.  I may steel/mimic your style from this blog post with a description of who and what the shoot is about and then putting the photos for browsing in the blog.
    Just awesome blog

    • Hi Doug! Thanks for your comment and kind words about my work. Writing has always been an interest of mine and something I thoroughly enjoy, so blogging comes very naturally to me. I enjoy being able to put together posts for my clients and it’s nice to have a writing outlet for myself, as well! I would encourage you to try and find your own style and voice within your blog posts, rather than trying to model after something else you’ve read. I tried this in the beginning, as well, and found that I lost some authenticity because I wasn’t being true to what my subconscious wanted to say. Either way, have fun with it and enjoy the process!

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