FLASHBACK! To July, anyways. In the midst of the summer I somewhere fell off the photo bandwagon and left some of my Massachusetts photos unedited (GASP) and unpublished. What a tragedy! However… I’m taking the time to catch back up and give them a little TLC. These guys happen to be my cousins (I couldn’t have better looking cousins, really). I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time out east with them as they’re growing up, but had a BLAST with them in the couple of days I had this year. I also learned how out of the loop I was as they taught me how to play Angry Birds – after having to show me first how to download it. 🙂 Thanks, Aunt Joyce, for putting us up in your place and letting me borrow your boys for a bit!

Oh… and here’s the kicker. Two incredibly sweet things in at once…. three, I guess, if you count the ice cream, too!

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