A Little Girl’s Dream

 I can’t help but love what a wide angle lens does to an animal. Ever wanted to see the cartoon version of your favorite pet or farm animal? All you need is a little distortion… straight from the end of your camera! 🙂 These photos are some of the less distorted from the batch. Though some of the more extreme ones of the donkeys may surface in the future for a good laugh. In my last few days up here at the ranch I have been spending some time around the barn photographing some of the staples in my life over the last year – the horses. It’s amazing what a little stroll around the pens can do to your mood and your day. It’s phenomenally refreshing. I’ll miss the smell, the animals, and their company in general. A lover of horses as a little girl, something that has not died out in me with age. It’s many little girls’ dreams to have horses some day, and this was my first taste (hopefully) at what that is like. Living on a ranch in the mountains of CO has been like a dream come true – complete with horses. It’s everything I’d imagined it would be and so much more. I’m grateful for this time and I truly will miss it dearly. 

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